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Civility lives!

Posted: October 11, 2012 in Jerk-offs, Really?

Maybe your mom should have chosen abortion for you.

It’s nice to see how our friends on the left look at the rest or us..! Really, this broad sound like a class act, huh?

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Photo ID

Posted: September 4, 2012 in Politicos, Really?

Photo ID @ DNC in Charlotte = good, Photo ID @ the polls in November = Bad. Please explain…


Utter hypocrisy!Dems REQUIRE Photo ID 2 get into DNC Convention.Unions require ID 2 vote at halls on union contracts.But voter ID is bad?

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Taxpayers Rank Behind Solyndra Investors Under Obama’s Refinancing Deal

By William McQuillen – Sep 3, 2011 1:09 PM E

"...then we borrow $385 large from the people..."

The Obama administration let $385 million in taxpayer support for Solyndra Inc. take a back seat to funds from new investors in an unsuccessful effort to keep the solar-panel manufacturer operating.

The Energy Department decided the January refinancing represented the “highest probable net benefit” for the government, according to a government document obtained by Bloomberg News. Investors provided the company $75 million that became senior debt, ahead of all but $150 million of the federal government’s stake.

Solyndra said on Aug. 31 that it will file for bankruptcy reorganization next week in Wilmington,Delaware. The administration’s agreement to subordinate the government aid to new investment may add fuel to criticism by Republicans who have said President Barack Obama spent too much money pushing a favored company in the name of green energy.

the government had already advanced $460 million in loan guarantees and decided to continue investing in an effort to fend off threatened bankruptcy.

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"What a plan, love it, I don't understand it... but I LOVE it..

And we are supposed to believe that we are to put our faith into our government to save us? From what… American Recovery and Reinvestment Act?  

“I don’t know what it is, it has a sort of sandy consistency, it doesn’t taste great,” Hey dumdass, its crap!

WTTG meteorologist Tucker Barnes, who spent Saturday doing hurricane live shots from the boardwalk in Ocean City, MD, has become an internet celebrity after his Saturday reports filled with a mysterious foam blowing out of the ocean. (Watch the video, above).

The foam — or as Barnes described it, “organic material” — he is standing in, however, is actually raw sewage that collected in the water during Hurricane Irene. WTTG, a Fox owned-and-operated station, was conscious of the viral potential of the video from the get-go: on Saturday at 7:54 p.m., the station reported on Facebook and Twitter that a hashtag had been created based on Barnes’ live shot: #seafoam.

“I don’t know what it is, it has a sort of sandy consistency, it doesn’t taste great,” to quote Spaulding Smalls… “DOODIE!”

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Is this really where we are?

Posted: August 23, 2011 in Really?

Martin Luther King memorial made in China

It is perhaps a fitting tribute to racial co-operation. However, the decision to outsource to China the carving of a new national memorial to Martin Luther King has raised eyebrows in the United States.

The 30ft-tall statue, which forms the centrepiece of a $120 million (£73 million), four-acre memorial to Dr King, opened to the public on Monday on the National Mall in Washington. It is the only memorial on the Mall that does not honour a president or fallen soldiers.

Standing in the shadow of the Washington Monument, the statue shows Dr King emerging from a mountain of Chinese granite with his arms crossed and is called The Stone of Hope.

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Could we not have found an American artist to carve this? No offense against the chinese, but DAMN…