Let the campaigning begin…

Posted: September 9, 2011 in Politicos

Here we go kiddies, it’s Obama at his campaigny-best!

Perhaps the president’s Republican critics think they are scoring a major hit when they tag Obama’s speech to the joint session of Congress as a “campaign speech”. But the White House has the consolation that the speech was just that: a rousing, bold, base-pleasing, Republican-baiting collection of mostly pleasant-sounding policy proposals that he is under little pressure to actually enact. In front of a different audience, it would have ended with cheering and chants of “Four more years!”

Of course, that different audience might be hard to find. Americans are hurting – and blaming Obama for their pain. The idea that Obama’s strongly-worded speech, full of commands and implicit challenges, would be largely just another example of politicians talking past each other would surely be galling to them – if it weren’t so common. One is tempted to surmise that the Obama administration is even counting onRepublicans‘ refusal to engage in the ideas the president outlined.

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Are we to believe that it has taken 34 months for Mr. Obama to realize that we have an employment/tax/economy issue? After all, there are only 14 months until the election…

Oh yea, “Pass this Bill!”


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